Thursday, September 19, 2013

So Canada Isn't So Bad, And A Guy On A Bike

As a Texan, I take great pride in being a native son of the greatest state in the United States. It carries quite a bit of responsibility, and I don't take that lightly.

Up until recently, my only interaction with Canada had been the few South Park episodes that take "light-hearted" jabs at our neighbors up north. Well, every stereotype I may have had was completely blown out of the water, courtesy of Captain Canuck.

Canuck just happened to have a good number of cards I needed for my Texas Rangers Team Set project, and he was kind enough to send them south to me.

All kidding aside, I can't thank you enough, Canuck. I really appreciate it, and I've already started looking for cards to return the favor.

The second part of today's post hits on some 2013 Allen & Ginter. Today, I stopped by WalMart to grab a few things for my office. As per the usual, I checked to see what cards the store had. I feel compelled to say here that of all the stores I have ever been to, my local WalMart has the absolute worst selection of cards of any of them. There are tons of Magic cards that have never sold and hardly any sports cards. We get some baseball cards put out once ever three or four weeks, if we're lucky, and even then it's usually only one or two blasters.

So to my surprise, there were two hanger packs of 2013 A&G. I grabbed them both, needing my cardboard fix. There was nothing really special about any of the packs, until the next to last card:

This guy fell out - the People on Bicycles-Messenger. This, of course, comes from the unannounced mini insert set, so the odds aren't on the packaging...and I don't feel like looking it up. I'm pretty happy about it, but I don't know if I am going to try to get the entire set or not. It seems like it could be difficult and expensive, and I'm looking for cheap and easy (hold your laughs until the end, please).

(Okay, it's the end.)


  1. glad you liked the cards... sorry if any of them have frost bite.

  2. Cap is a great trader. Just don't send him any Brian McCann cards....heh heh.