Monday, July 14, 2014

A New Feature: Memorabilia Monday!

All credit goes to Brian over at PATP for this new feature. He suggested that I start sharing some of my memorabilia on the blog, and considering that "Memorabilia Monday" is catchy, I decided to go with it.

The first item up in this new series has absolutely nothing to do with baseball!

Autographed Nike Doug McDermott Jersey

I earned my second BA from Creighton in 2009. Before then, I had zero interest in college basketball. I mean, I grew up in Texas! Baseball and football ruled my life. But Creighton is a basketball school, and I grew to love going to games.

McDermott came along after I left, but is by far the most popular player in school history. And that's saying something - Kyle Korver pretty much walked on water before McDermott came along. 

Dougie Fresh was a three-time All American, winning the 2014 John R. Wooden Award as the NCAA's best player. He led the nation in scoring his senior year, averaging 26.7 points per game. He was drafted 11th overall by the Denver Thuggets, err, I mean Nuggets, and promptly traded to Da Bulls. In his second summer league game, he dropped 31 points on the team that drafted him, earning "Player of the Day" from

I bought this jersey on Draft Day (purely coincidental - I've been watching his bobblehead on eBay but haven't been able to afford one, when this guy popped up for less than half-the price of a bobblehead). Currently, I have it folded away, but once I can get a little extra money, it's going to be framed and displayed proudly in my home.

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  1. Very cool. Glad you started this and sorry I missed it until you posted the 2nd one.