Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A New Gallo And Other Happenings

I've been trying to build my Joey Gallo PC with more vigor recently. I was slacking, but then I noticed that prices on his cards are starting to rise, so I figured I better get with the program before I can't afford any of his cards.

I'm a big fan of the Topps USA set. Something about a player (of any sport) wearing a USA Jersey gets my patriotic blood pumping. So I jumped on this when I saw the bidding was still reasonable:

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to prospects, but I have no idea who Carson Kelly is. I'm sure that one of you can fill me in.

But I am fully aware of the second signer of this card: one Mr. Joey Gallo. The USA unis are awesome and the red, white and blue color scheme of the card is great. This card is definitely going in to Beckett to get slabbed!
Speaking of slabbing, I am going to try to start sending in a couple cards a month for grading. I'll create a spot on the sidebar soon. If you are interested in submitting something, just let me know.
Monday night, I was fortunate enough to receive a few tickets to see the first game of the Rangers-Yankees series. It marks the last time Derek Jeter will play in Texas. I recorded his first at-bat (all of one pitch, a single through the left side into left field). I'm working on getting the video uploaded, but I'm having technical difficulties. Hopefully that will be up soon!

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  1. Carson Kelly is one of the top prospects in the loaded Cardinals farm system. He projects to be a solid contact hitter with some power. He was converted from a third baseman to a catcher, raising his prospect stock even more.