Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Do I Still Have The S2 Hanger Box Magic Touch???

In short: yes.

And no.

I decided to press my luck and see if I could buy another "hot" hanger box. In case you missed my previous post, I pulled a Castro relic and Bundy auto from the first two hanger boxes I purchased. So I bought a third hanger box last Friday to see if I could get anything.

And I'll be damned...

A Shelby Miller trajectory relic. This is crazy. Three hanger boxes, three hits.

BUT WAIT - this hanger box isn't done giving gifts yet!

A Christian Bethancourt camo parallel numbered 97 of 99! Now, I realize a parallel isn't technically a hit, but I count it as one. Helluva hanger box!

With this kind of luck, I pretty much had to buy another one. This time, I went to Target to try my luck there.


Well, nothing. Not hits, no parallels.

I did pull this:

A Nolan Arenado Futures Game Image Variation, but these seem to be so common that 'm not counting it as a hit.

Well, that was fun while it lasted. For the record, I have since bought another hanger box and a few hanger packs, but to no avail. No more hits.

All of the cards featured in this post are available for trade. Just let me know what you want. Oh, and if you are using the "The Show" codes, feel free to use these. I only ask that you comment below once you use them so that others know they are gone.

Code cards not pictured:


  1. Let me know on that Miller. I am very interested. Thanks!

  2. Yeah, I pulled a Dylan Bundy Futures variation and got excited for a few seconds. Oh well. I like the image they used for Bethancourt.