Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 Goal Accomplished

Well, not one of my Top 5 goals.

A "I hope to accomplish this also" goal. Here's what I said:

Though I doubt I will have the money, I would like to add a certified Bryce Harper auto to the collection. I would also like to add a Mantle to my collection (any Mantle - I'm not picky), but I don't know if I will be able to afford it.
It isn't the Mantle that I added.

I snagged this guy:

It's the 2011 Heritage Minors Real One auto of Harper, numbered 34 of 154 (an eBay 1/1!!!). I've always liked this card, just never thought one would hit my price range.

I know what you're thinking: "Judson, said that you would have to cut back on cards once you started school! What gives?!?!"

Well, before I left my last job, I was able to close a couple deals that netted me a bit of cash, a small part of which was put away for cards. So I grabbed this one and I'm looking at a few others. This one, though, is far and away the most expensive, but I still spent less than $140 on it. I can sleep at night, so I'm okay.

Anyway, life as a PhD student has been...interesting. I teach a class that the students don't want to take. That's interesting. I am in class till 9 p.m. Monday through Wednesday. However, I have already been asked to work with a team requesting a $20 million grant (that number still blows my freakin' mind), and I will also be on the team that does the research if we get the grant. So that's cool.

So keep an eye out. I have more cards to share, but I wanted to show the Harper off a bit. I hope everyone is well out there!


  1. Nice harper. Would like to add an auto of his to my collection. Would sit well with the Trout auto I got

  2. Congrats! Phenomenal card. Good luck with the new gig. Looking forward to hearing some fun stories over the next couple years.

  3. Under 140 for that card is a really good price, if Harper ever breaks out you got a steal.

  4. that's a pretty fantastic pick up! i've been looking for a nice Harper auto but haven't found one that i like in that same price range...great find.