Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Matty H. For The PC

I've been watching this card for a while - even before I decided to start the Harry PC. The seller had it listed for $40 or Best Offer. I made a couple offers I thought were reasonable, but was shut down. After waiting about three months, I offered again and finally got it.

"What card?" you ask?

This card:

It's the state coin variation from 2013 Gypsy Queen! This one is numbered four of five. I've always thought the cards were neat, even though it's kind of a cheesy idea to put a coin in a card. I just kind of assumed the coin was glued in....

But it isn't! It's encases in plastic and moves freely "inside" the card. Cool enough to keep this simple mind entertained!

Speaking of Harry, if you haven't noticed already, I've added an "Adventures of #WalletHarry" page on the right-hand side. You can click on it to get a link to every #WalletHarry tweet I put out! You can also click on the link below my Twitter handle on the upper right. I plan on posting a lot, so get ready. I know some people may think this is all cheesy, but I think it is incredibly fun and I can't wait to look back on it all in 50 years!

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  1. That is an awesome card. I have two of these in my Red Sox collection and I love the idea.