Sunday, January 10, 2016

How Did I Do? A Look Back On My '15 Goals

Like most everyone else, I laid out a few goals for 2015 in January of last year. This post is meant to look back on those goals and evaluate how I did. Let's take a look.

1. Limit box purchases to three. Well, this was an outright failure. I was doing okay until Ginter rolled around, and I bought six boxes of it by itself. I also ended up grabbing a couple boxes of Series 2 and Bowman Chrome, so I definitely did not achieve the desired effect there.

2. Host a 2015 Heritage break. This one was also a failure, but not for my lack of trying. I put it out there, but not enough people expressed interest. I was disappointed, but I get it. These breaks can cost more than people are willing to spend, and most people haven't participated in one of my breaks (because it has been a while since I've had one), so the trust isn't there. I get that too! I'm sad that it didn't work out, but I think that I learned my lesson and doubt I will attempt to host anymore breaks in the future.

3. Increase my followers by 10%. Mission accomplished! I was sitting at 90 followers, and now have 100 (though at one point I was at 101). It's nice to see I wasn't a complete failure in 2015!

4. Complete the 1982 or 1983 Kellogg's 3D Superstars set. This one didn't happen either. My desire to build sets took a major hit in 2015, for a couple reasons. First, I moved to a relatively small apartment and space is limited, so storage is difficult. Furthermore, I can't decide if I want to store the sets I do have in boxes or albums (which doesn't really matter right now because I have space for neither). Perhaps this was the driving force, but I also just lost interest in completing sets. Not sure what else to blame it on.

5. Make significant progress on my player collections. This one was a pass and fail. I grabbed quite a few cards for my Matt Harrison PC, which was emotional because Harry was traded to the Phillies. Unlike past PCs that were abandoned when the player would leave or was traded, I kept my Harrison PC. However, my others PCs were not so lucky. I lost interest in Luke Jackson and sold my PC for a nice chunk of change. Other players I thought I wanted to PC were quickly abandoned. 

Beyond these five, I had several smaller goals. I wanted to start a monthly newsletter (didn't happen, don't even remember what I wanted to talk about), add to my Bowman autograph project (this actually did happen, but I can't recall how many I picked up), update my blog design (nope), and add a certified Bryce Harper auto (did it...then sold it shortly thereafter and made a good chunk of change on it). 

So, if I had to give myself a grade, I have to say I failed. I'm okay with that, I think, because in the end, I enjoyed what I did do. What did I do, you ask? Well, let's look.

I successfully got a copy of each of my Top 5 Most Wanted.

I started a new subcollection of the 2010 Topps T206 American Caramel autograph set. 

Got back my first Black Label from Beckett (along with another 10 gold label)

Acquired some sweet Harry cards. 

And those are only a few things. So, in all, it was a somewhat successful year. I'm not going to complain much.

Check back tomorrow...I'll have some unattainable goals for 2016 to discuss!


  1. It always cracks me up when I see my number of followers drop. I start wondering... what did I say to offend them? Have a great 2016!

    1. Hahaha Yeah, I was pretty excited to hit 101...that lasted all of about a day. Thank you sir, and back at you!