Monday, April 25, 2016

Finding Treasure While Organizing

Since Christmas, I have been working on getting my collection - specifically, my trade bait - organized. Whenever I have 30 minutes to an hour to relax, I turn on the TV and pull out some cardboard that needs to be sorted, collated and listed on the blog.

A couple days ago, I found some 2014 Heritage Minors that needed the treatment. So, I turned on the Ranger game, grabbed my BCW sorting tray and went to work. After getting everything collated, I began to enter the card numbers into my trade bait page. 

Then I made a discovery...a short print that I had somehow missed:

This is the Joc Pederson photo variation! If only I had known about this card last year, I could have made a nice chunk of change....

Obviously, Pederson has cooled off from his hot start last year, but I still thought it was cool to find this in my collection.

As of now, I think I plan on holding on to it. It pairs well with a Pederson auto I puled from Tek last year (maybe I should post about that....). However, if you have a similar Rangers card that you think may interest me, let me know! 

What's the best card you've found in your collection that you didn't know you had?


  1. I found a Mariano Rivera photo variation from Opening Day two years back.

  2. I did that with 2012 Topps last year. I found a Pablo Sandoval variation featuring a mascot. I had no clue it was in there or that it was a variation, but something told me to check, and luckily it was. I think I put it up on eBay as soon as I found it and still fetched like $7.

  3. A couple of years ago, I discovered a Pat Tillman rookie from way back in 2001. Turns out it books at $20, but I didn't even realize I had it...or that it was a rookie card. That one stays in my collection for sure.

  4. I found a Team USA Joe Mauer autograph sitting in my cheap autograph binder among a bunch of other Team USA cards. It's probably not worth much now... but when I discovered it, it felt like I won the lottery.