Monday, May 6, 2013

A few cards to add to my Tom Grieve PC

This was a good weekend for me, in terms of card collecting at least.  Expect this to be one of about three updates today.  (Apologies if I fill your update screen!)

Saturday, I was able to add a few cards to my TAG PC.  I received a couple cards from a friend who has lost interest in collecting.
1972 Topps #609 - Tom Grieve
The first card he gave me fits into two personal collections, Tom Grieve and 1972 Topps.  The photo on this card say the least.  I can't figure out if here is trying to look cool or if he is trying to act like he doesn't see the camera; either way, he looks strange.

1974 Topps #268 - Tom Grieve
This is the second card I got from my friend.  It is from the 1974 Topps set.  This one is far more "typical" of a baseball photograph.  It's autographed, and the signature looks right, but I'm definitely not an authenticator so I make no warranties about its authenticity. 

The next two cards I bought on eBay.  I have been spending waaaay too much time and money on that site lately. 

1975 Topps # 234 - Tom Grieve - PSA Authenticated
This is my first card to purchase that was PSA authenticated.  It is a 1974 Topps of Tom Grieve.  It received a score of 8 (of 10), meaning it rates as a "Near Mint to Mint Condition."  I can't imagine what it would take to get a 9 or 10 because this card looks absolutely pristine.

1974 Topps # 268 - Tom Grieve - PSA Authenticated
We've already seen this card, but it wasn't authenticated.  Like the previous card, this one has been authenticated and given an 8 NM-MT.  Again, this card appears to be in absolutely pristine condition.

That's it for my TAG PC additions.  I'm pretty stoked about them!

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