Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mailday!!! (And Craigslist is Creepy)

Well, to be more specific, this is an accumulation from three different maildays. I didn't want to post one card each day, so I decided to just wait and post a few at once.

First up, I was able to grab this card for less than a buck:

It's the 2012 Topps Update All star Stitches relic for Matt Harrison. This one is unnumbered, and I haven't yet seen the gold sparkle parallel (numbered to 50).

Here's the 2014 Topps Factory Orange Parallel, numbered to 199. I snagged it for less than three dollars.

Lastly, this 2008 Bowman Chrome Xfractor auto. I got it for a whopping $5.99.

So, the total for all three cards is right at $10. Not bad when one of the cards is an auto numbered to 250 and it's graded. All three are welcome additions to the Harry PC.

Today has been slow. Everyone is coming down off an election high and the phones have been quiet. I decided to browse Craigslist. After getting my kicks looking at the personals, I started looking at collectibles. One seller had some Ranger memorabilia for sale, so I sent a note asking for a price on the items. Here was the response I received:

Um, I all for gun rights and I'm very pro-gun....but this just gave me the creeps. You want me to rade you guns for baseball memorabilia??? Yeah, not happening.

Craigslist just feels like a dark alleyway....