Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Random Ramblings

Today has been slow. Slow at work. Slow online. Slow all around.

Naturally, I decided to fill the void with some ramblings. Here we go.
Saturday, I blasted out this via Twitter:

I know, it's earth-shattering news. But I wanted to add someone to the PC that isn't a pitcher. Who better fits that bill than fan-favorite ginger, Rusty Greer? Not a damn soul, that's who.

You can find my PC page here. Hyperlinks are cards I have, others are cards I need. Help me out!
I think I have my Trade Bait updated as much as I can, especially the "Hits" portion. If you haven't already, check it out. I'm ready to make some deals.
Uh-oh. Reports are starting to surface that maybe JSA authenticated some Jameis Winston items that he didn't sign himself. This reeks of past scandals, such as the PSA Honus Wagner trimming scandal. I wonder what this will do to JSA's credibility. Thoughts?
I'm 13 followers away from 100. If you help me get there by Christmas, I'll give something away. Details to come later, but start sending me followers now!
Do I get a vote for Dad of the Year? Marcus of all the way to the backstop fame would get it if I did. He had me in tears this past weekend with his Twitter play-by-play of his conversation with his daughter:

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