Friday, November 21, 2014

Remember When I Said I Went On A Matt Harrison Spending Spree?

Well, some of those cards finally arrived. A few of these came from eBay, others from COMC. I'm kinda swamped here at work today, so I'm just going to post them up for you to look at. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

2011 Topps Factory Red Parallel
2011 Topps Walmart Black Parallel
2012 Gypsy Queen Mini
2012 Gypsy Queen Straight Cut Mini
2012 Heritage Black Border
2012 Topps Gold Sparkle
2013 Allen & Ginter Red Back Mini
2013 Bowman Chrome Green Refractor
2013 Bowman Chrome Magenta Refractor
2013 Heritage Black Border
2013 Heritage Chrome Purple Refractor
2013 Topps Target Red Parallel
2014 Topps Black Parallel
2014 Topps Gold Parallel
2014 Topps Orange Parallel
2014 Topps Toys R Us Purple Parallel
2014 Topps Walmart Blue Parallel

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