Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Best Bowman Hit So Far

Today, I was supposed to just lay on the couch and be a bum. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. In my line of work, you sometimes have meetings that pop up and can't wait. Such is the case for me.

After the meeting, however, I decided to stop at Walmart and buy a blaster of 2014 Bowman, just to see if I could pull anything.

I pulled the best hit I've had so far this year (and possibly since I jumped back into collecting):

A Mark Appel black paper parallel auto! (The dots are from my scanner, the card is pristine)

This baby is numbered 20 of 25!

It's already on eBay. Sorry to be brief, I have actual work to do, but I just had to share.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. Sweet pull. I almost never pull anything from blasters. My buddies all seem to have good luck though. Hope it sells for a ton.

  2. Man, that is an awesome card! It'd be a hard one for me to sell, just because it looks so awesome, but the smart thing to do. Also a fan of including a bible verse with the auto, don't see that a lot.