Thursday, May 8, 2014

Some Maildays Are Simply Better Than Others

As the title of this post might suggest, today was a very good mailday. A trade, a purchase and a TTM all came today, and they are all AWESOME.

First up, I received a batch of cards from William of foul bunt fame:

The note said that these bad boys should wrap up a trade between us, and for the life of me I can't remember what the trade was for! Whatever it was, I'm pretty sure I still owe you something, amigo! I'll be on the look out!

Next, I received a package from eBay:

A 2014 Bowman Michael Choice Orange Wave Auto numbered 23/25! This dude is sweet! This was the costliest auto I've purchased so far, but at the same cost of a couple blasters, at least I was ensuring that I got a card I actually wanted!

And last, but certainly not least, I got this back:

A signed, ROMLB from none other than Mr. Ranger himself, Tom Grieve! For those who aren't Rangers fans or haven't seen a local Rangers broadcast, Grieve is currently the color commentator for the Rangers. But he's so much more than that. Grieve was drafted by the then-Washington Senators. After his first season in DC (followed by a season in the minors), the team relocated to Arlington and became the Texas Rangers. He played in Texas until 1977, when he was involved in a four-team trade that would land him in New York as a member of the Mets. The following year, Grieve played for the Cardinals. May 1, 1979 would be his last day as a professional ballplayer. After he retired, he returned to Texas and joined the Rangers front office, eventually becoming the Rangers General Manager in 1984. He is responsible for bringing Nolan Ryan to the organization. since his stint as GM, Grieve has been the Rangers TV color commentator. Outside of the ballpark, Grieve's son, Ben, was also a major leaguer. The two became the first father-son duo to be drafted in the first round. In July of 2010, Grieve was elected to the Rangers Hall of Fame. Due tot he amount of time and various roles with the organization, Grieve has come to be known as "Mr. Ranger."

I couldn't be more excited to add this ball to my collection. Grieve has always had a special place in my baseball heart, so I was thrilled when I saw this in my mailbox. I took the lead of many others and asked some questions in hope that Tom would have the time to answer them, and he did. (My questions are a bit of the "softball" variety, in that they weren't entirely thought provoking.

"When you were drafted by the Senators, did you have any idea that you would spend as much time with the organization as you have?"
I anticipated that I would play as long as I could, but I never thought I would stay involved after my playing days.
What is your best memory from your playing career?
My first game (in Yankee Stadium) with my parents at the park.
Best memory from your post-playing career?
Signing Nolan!
Favorite MLB city to visit during the season?
Lastly, I know you're and avid golfer. What's your handicap?
12. But my goal is single digits.

How awesome would that be as a kid to make your professional debut in Yankee Stadium, the house that Ruth built, and to have your family on hand to see it? If only we were all so lucky!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed reading about Tom Grieve!