Thursday, May 29, 2014

Some Luke Jackson Color

With no desire to purchase any new product until Bowman Chrome streets, my monthly cardboard budget has been going towards acquiring the missing pieces of my Jackson & Choice project. I've been focusing on the autos, as the color parallels should be easier to get.

Such is the case these last couple of weeks. I have added two colored refractors to the Jackson collection:

This is the black refractor, numbered 73 of 99. The signature is nice - hard-pressed with no serious flaws. There is one minor flaw, the drop-down at the beginning of the "L" (yes, that's an "L"). I'm wondering how that will affect the auto grade.

Here's the orange refractor auto. It's numbered 18 of 25.  The only concerns I have with this auto is in the finishing leg of the "L". For whatever reason, it appears that the pen kind of gave out. It is light and not a solid blue line. We'll see how it grades.

So that's it.  A brief post, but one I wanted to put out there before I forgot about it!

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