Saturday, June 14, 2014

More Jackson Color (This Title is Becoming Over-Used)

By the time you read this, I hope to be in central Texas setting up camp with my dad for a weekend of fiching, drinking beer and sleeping outside: three things that I love to do with the my old man. So, while you read this, just picture me reeling in a massive catfish while drinking a cold Miller Lite. Ahhh, refreshing.

eBay once again offered me a bounty of Luke Jackson cards that I took advantage of. For now, though, I'll only be showing two.

First up, this guy:

The green paper parallel, numbered 99 of 199 (eBay 1/1!!!). That green seems a bit brighter on my computer screen than it does in person.

Next up:

The silver wave refractor numbered 6 of 25. I tried to get in on the red wave and green wave refractors, also, but those sold for ridiculous prices. This one (with the same numbering) ran less than what half of those were going for.

So there you have it. Nothing terribly exciting, but needed nonetheless.


  1. Have yourself a great weekend with pops! Got your package yesterday and I'm adding them right now, I did a backflip when I saw the Cuban relic!

  2. Very nice cards. I got a TTM return from Jackson a week or so ago, if you have an extra base card it may be worth trying to send him a request.

  3. Great cards -- it underlines how many parallels Bowman has! :-)