Monday, June 16, 2014

Update: Father's Day, Group Break And More, Oh My!!!

It's another Update Post! Get ready to cover a handful of topics that don't warrant an entire post by themselves! Let's get it started!!!
I hope everyone had a good Father's day! There are a lot of dads that spend time with their sons (and daughters!) opening packs of cards, so I hope you took a moment to say 'thank you,' whether it by telephone, in person or in a prayer.

My plans for the weekend changed, so I didn't go camping...but I did take my dad to Cabela's to make up for it. I think he is okay with the trade.
I have EIGHT (8) spots open for my 2014 Bowman Chrome group break. The cost is $80 per spot, and that gets you a team of your shipping, a randomly assigned team AND shipping! Go here to sign up! DO IT, NOW!!!
Last week, I announces a new contest that involves TTM's. I know that I read a lot of blogs where people talk about TTMs that they get back in the mail, yet I've only had two people sign up. What gives? You will be getting autographs in the mail and get to share them with other people doing the same thing! There is no downside!!!! Go here to sign up. You can win cool stuff!
Sad to see another Great One leave far to soon. I'm sure everyone has already heard about the passing of Tony Gwynn. Sad that he left us so soon. I hope people will begin to see the dangers of using tobacco products. Dip and chew seem to go hand-in-hand with baseball, but they never make your life better. If you use a tobacco product, I hope this will help you start toward the process of dropping it. You can do it - I did, and if I can do it, truly anyone can.

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