Friday, June 20, 2014

My Secret Quest For A Card That I Wasn't Sure I Could Find

On occasion, I like to do tings on my own, with little to no help. Think: cardboard detective. I have a few cards that I want that I look for on my own, without posting about them on the blog or hitting up trade partners to see if anyone has one. This post is about one such card. Behold:

A 1979 TCMA Asheville Tourists Team Set Andy Tam. Talk about a card that is hard to find...I've been looking for months. I called cardshops near Asheville and no one had one. I scoured message boards and obscure trading sites. Still no one had one.

I almost gave up looking. Then, as if to make me feel bad, one popped up on eBay. Seriously? All this time spent looking and one shows up on the most obvious place to look?! Whatever. So I bid on it and - shockingly - I was the only bidder.

Tam was an 18th round pick of the Rangers in 1978. Originally from Idaho, he moved to Fort Worth, Texas, to play college ball at Texas Wesleyan. He would pitch for the Rangers minor league affiliates fpr the rest of 1978 and into 1979 before tearing up his elbow in the '79 season. The injury would end his professional baseball career.

Now I'm sure you're wondering why I was looking for this card of this player. Well, it's the only card Tam has, that I know of.

And it just so happens that he is my best friend's dad. He bet me that I couldn't find one of these cards.

Well, I did.

So I'm going to share this photo of him as my form of victory dance. Behold, blogging community, the greatest baseball picture of all time:


  1. Man, I love that Tourists jersey! The mustache? Meh. The Jersey? Heck yeah!

  2. That's awesome. Nice personal connection.

  3. That is a great looking photo, sweet jersey and stache!

    Congrats on completing your quest.