Monday, August 4, 2014

I Swore I Wasn't Going To Buy Any Bowman Platinum...

...But I did.

I bought  a blaster last Friday. And I actually pulled a hit:

A Wendell Rijo base auto. Not bad, I don't know him, so this card is definitely up for trade. I also pulled this guy:

A Jose Abreu Top Prospects insert. Sweet! Okay, maybe I'm hooked.

I went to my new LCS, Duane's Sports Cards, in Arlington on Saturday to grab my box of Allen & Ginter for this years Gint-A-Cuffs incarnation melee. I noticed that Duane had four loose packs of Platinum, so I bought those. In the third pack, I pulled this:

Will Myers patch (swatch)/auto, numbered 100 of 199. Three things about this card. 1) I'm really happy it isn't a plain white swatch. Topps is getting too comfortable using the boring fabric. 2) Kind of bummed it's a sticker auto. 3) Will Myers...DUDE! Learn to sign your name!!!!!!

I shouldn't have bought those packs, because pulling the Myers relic/auto made me decide to spend money I didn't really have to buy a box of Platinum. each box guarantees two Platinum Chrome autos and a patch/auto card. So I figured what the hell, I don't need lunch this week.

My first hit was this Michael Ratterree base auto. Nothing terribly exciting.

Then I snagged some color:

This Jose Campos green auto is numbered 104 of 399 (as I'm sure you can plainly see). But things got better in a hurry...

A Noah Snydergaard patch/auto numbered 2 of 50! I'm clearly not a Mets fan, but I love this card. It's absolutely stunning! Again, stoked that it has a colored patch instead of the plain-jane white that Topps usually uses. Snydergaard's auto isn't 100% clear, but it's a helluva lot better than Myers'. I am pretty certain I am going to keep this card for myself.

But wait, the box isn't done giving yet!

I also pulled this Delino DeShields printing plate! A 1/1 (though we can debate about the true 1/1-"ness" of a printing plate, since there are technically four of them...)!!

I'm glad I bought this box. Definitely the best box I've had in a while. Now ask me how I feel around lunch time and I may change my mind...


  1. Great box! Congrats. At the very least you got some great trade bait.

  2. I'm probably not buying any of the Platinum. I'd love to try to work a trade for Ratteree though.

  3. Nice box would love to try an work out a trade if you decide to part with the Syndergaard auto patch

  4. If the Rijo is up for grabs . I'm up for a trade

  5. Very nice! The Campos is a good looking card!

  6. I love the orange on the Syndegaard cards. Very attractive. I wish card companies would work orange in a little bit more with teams like the O's, Mets, Tigers, and even the Marlins.

    It's not my stomach, but it looks like forgoing lunch was a good decision in this case!

  7. I have no idea if/what I could possibly offer, but should that DD plate become available I'd certainly be interested.