Sunday, August 24, 2014

Late Night Post From The Hotel

I'm stuck in a hotel for work. On a Sunday. Not the most ideal of places to be on a Sunday night, but it is what it is.

To kill time, I brought some cards to add to my collection on the MiraCard app. If you haven't already, you should download it and upload your collection, if for no other reason than to help get images of the cards for the database. The app is still in its infancy, so some grunt work needs to be done, but it is for a great cause.

Anyway, this has allowed me to think about some things, none of which deserve their own stand-alone post. So I'm just going to throw everything out here in a single update.
Like I said, I'm stuck in hotel for the next few days for work. However, I noticed that the Rangers Double A affiliate, the Rough Riders, have a game here tomorrow night. That allows me an opportunity to attempt to get an auto from my favorite player, one Mr. Joey Gallo. I think I am also going to try to get a bat signed by the entire team. I'll update my progress tomorrow night.
You know what I hate most about Blogger? It seems trivial, but I hate that the "Join This Site" button isn't on every blog. Some people use it; others use the "Add To Circles" button. I don't use Circles, so I almost always forget to go visit those blogs. That sucks for me, because all of those bloggers have amazing content that I almost always miss! Anyway, woe is me, boo hoo....
I've acquired a couple cards that really excite me....but I haven't received them yet. It's killing me, because I want to share them sooo bad. I'm almost tempted to take generic images of them and post anyway, but I'm trying to hold out....
I've acquired 29 different cards for my 2014 Bowman Luke Jackson Parallel Rainbow Project. You know what's really sad about this project? I still need 14 more unique cards to complete it. That means there are 43 unique parallels in the prospect parallel rainbow for the 2014 set (if the player has a Chrome auto in the set). It's been fun, but it is also becoming irritating. I have a severe case of OCD and feel like I need to have every card in order to call it good. Until then, I'm going to be chasing them down.
Speaking of Bowman Chrome, the 2014 Bowman Chrome set drops next month. There is no checklist released yet, but I still plan on having my break for the product. There are a lot of teams still available, so visit the sign up page and pick a team! In case you forgot, the cost is $80 a team and that gets you a team of your choosing, a randomly assigned team and shipping. And I will ship ALL the cards, not just the hits!
That's it for now, I think.....

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  1. 43 cards in the rainbow? That's just insane. I'm going to need someone to knock some sense into me if/when I ever decide to chase a rainbow again.