Thursday, August 28, 2014

Those Two Cards That I Was Talking About.....

...Were waiting on me when I got home from my work trip. I was pretty excited! Now it's time to share.

First up:

The Luke Jackson auto black printing plate, a 1/1!!! Well, a 1/4 if you ask me, but I only need one for the rainbow! The best part about this card is that the seller had it listed in the "Autographs - Original" category rather than the "Cards" category. He had a fair starting point for the auction, so I bid and prayed that the bidding wouldn't go too high. Evidently, no one else was aware of it because I picked it up on my first bid with no competition! It cost me less than the purple auto refractors have been selling for, so I have to assume that's the reason why I got it as cheaply as I did!

The second card comes my way by chance, as well. While checking the Gint-A-Cuffs VI page, I happened to see a comment asking about the point value of a full-size auto card. To my knowledge, the only card of this variety belongs to one "Dougie Fresh" Doug McDermott, Creighton legend! I inquired about the availability of the card and a deal was struck!

Now, the way Tony tells the story, I screamed like a little fangirl when I found out about the card. That might be true, but when an auto pops up of one of your favorite athletes, you get a little excited! I couldn't help it!

Thanks Tony - I feel like I owe you more, so I'm still looking out for other stuff to send your way.

And I'm not a damn fangirl.

I'm a fanboy.

And that is the oddest thing I have ever said about myself.


  1. I'm just happy that Dougie Fresh found his way to a fanboy who appreciates him! :-)

  2. Love the printing plate auto! I need to get one of those eventually