Friday, August 15, 2014

More Mailday Madness

First, an announcement: I will be sending in some cards to get graded by Beckett next Friday (one ewek from today). They are having a special in which you can get 10-day grading for the cost of 20-day grading. In other words you can get a card graded in two weeks for $12 ($14 if it's autographed). If you are interested in sending something in, please comment below with your name, blog (if applicable), and how many cards you want graded. Then send me an email (judsonmeeks AT gmail DOT com) with the card specifics (year, set, player name) and total amount you are sending (payment can be sent via a gift payment at Paypal using the same email as above). I must receive your cards an payment no later than next Friday. Thanks!

When I went to check my actual mailbox today, I found a few more packages in there! First up, From AJ, aka The Lost Collector:

AJ sent me these two beauties for an auto from 2014 Bowman Platinum that I pulled. Thanks my friend, I love 'em!

I also got a couple cards from eBay:

This Pudge relic cost me less than $3, so I had to jump on it!

Lastly, some more color for my Luke Jackson project. I tried bidding on this card a few wees ago and it went for almost $20. I waited...and waited...and finally got this one for less than $4.

There it is! More mailday, making Friday the best day of the week!