Friday, December 12, 2014

A Post Three...No, FOUR Days In The Making

I intended to post this Monday. But then I got snowed under at work and I put it off.

So I intended to post this Tuesday. And I found myself still digging myself out from under Monday's work load.

Finally, I get to post this today, Thursday afternoon, after spending all morning in Dallas Friday, after spending yesterday in Dallas and in meetings, then in Wichita Falls this morning. You better enjoy and appreciate this sumbitch.

Like just about everyone else, I took part in various Black Friday deals. For whatever reason, it took me much longer to get my cards. Oh well, no big worry. I can't complain when I get to add these guys to the collection.

For whatever reason, I've fallen in love with the Trajectory insert set from this year's Topps flagship product. So I added some to the collection:

Elvis leads the way with the wood relic, followed by a Pudge bat relic and Vlad jersey relic. For the record, I received the Vlad relic in a trade with The Dutch Card Guy. I don't remember where the Rodriguez came from, so if you sent it to me, take credit in the comments! I grabbed the Martinez auto for all of 99 cents! It makes a welcome addition to the Martinez PC!

Speaking of the Martinez PC, I grabbed a few more cards for it. Here they are, in all their glory:

2014 Topps Chrome Base
2014 Topps Update Black
2014 Topps Update Gold
2014 Topps Update Walmart Blue
2014 Topps Update Base
2014 Topps Supreme Supreme Stylings Purple
I picked up all of these via Sportlots with the exception of the Update Black (it came off eBay). I snagged the Supreme Stylings for $3!

So there it is. A post that took me four days to write that has very little content. Life's a b*tch like that sometimes. I hope everyone is well!


  1. That Nick Martinez diecut auto is very cool.

  2. That Pudge bat relic looks rad. Yeah, I haven't posted for almost a week. Blogs, man.