Monday, December 29, 2014

Looking Back: 2014 Collecting Goals

It's that time of year to start looking back on how I did in terms of my Big 5 Collecting Goals. In case you don't remember, they were:

1. Complete the 2013 Topps Chrome Anthony Rendon Auto Rainbow.
2. Complete the 2013 run of Nelson Cruz cards.
3. Add a certified Bryce Harper auto to my collection.
4. Make significant contributions to my 2013 Heritage Manager's Project.
5. Add 50 followers to my blog.

At first glance, 2014 was a complete failure. However, make a few tweaks, and things are okay.

First, instead of the Rendon Auto Rainbow, insert the Luke Jackson 2014 Bowman Rainbow. This rainbow consists of 30 non-autographed cards (paper, chrome and refractor) and 14 autographed cards (chrome and refractor), totaling a whopping 44 cards. Of these, I am missing only four non-autos and three autos, a total of seven cards.

In other words, my 2014 Bowman Luke Jackson Rainbow is roughly 85 percent complete. I think that counts as a success, especially when the cards that I am missing are numbered to five or less.

I didn't get close to finishing the complete 2013 run of Nelson Cruz cards. Sadly, I just lost interest since he was mashing for the Orioles. However, I did pick up the Matt Harrison PC, which saw significant progress on the 2014 and 2013 Topps print runs. I'm going to give myself a B on that one.

The pursuit of the '14 LJ Rainbow was costly. So costly, in fact, I couldn't afford a certified Harper auto. I don't see this one happening anytime soon as grad school is going to force me to scale back, meaning that I will have even less money. I failed this one. If anyone out there has one they would consider trading, let me know!

My TTM's this year were focused on autographed baseballs. I didn't get a single card closer to completing the 2013 Heritage Manager's Project. I will carry this one over to 2015.

Lastly, I wanted to add 50 followers to the blog. I was at 55; I currently sit at 92. I still have two days to hit 105!!! I only need 13 more!!! If you help me get to 105 by Thursday morning, I will give away a prize! I don't know what yet, but I will find something! So please help me out!!!

1. Complete the 2014 Bowman Luke Jackson Rainbow: NEARLY COMPLETE. A-
2. Complete the 2013 run of Nelson Cruz cards. SOLID B.
3. Add a certified Bryce Harper auto to my collection. MISERABLE FAIL.
4. Make significant contributions to my 2013 Heritage Manager's Project. IN PROGRESS - NO GRADE.
5. Add 50 followers to my blog. IN PROGRESS - NO GRADE.

Overall, I think my effort in 2014 was worth a B-. There were quite a few things I could do different, but there were also quite a few things I did right.

What do you think? Am I deserving of the B- minus, or would you grade me differently/ What would you change? I appreciate any and all feedback!!!!


  1. Easy B-, if not a little higher. Adding followers is tough, so any positive movement is good. And being 85% done on a rainbow that large is nothing to shake a stick at.

    1. I'm pretty sure I didn't set goals for myself last year, because I was afraid of not reaching them. Congratulations on obtaining 37 out of the 44 Luke Jacksons. That's a huge success!

      In terms of adding followers... I think you should give yourself a higher grade. Like JediJeff said... adding followers is tough. I'm pretty sure I didn't have 20 new followers in 2014... let alone 37. Even if you don't reach your goal of 50, I think you deserve an A.

  2. Sounds like pretty good year to me