Monday, December 1, 2014

My First Sportslots Foray

After seeing numerous posts about sportslots from many (if not most) of the blogs I read, I finally decided to make the dive and spend some PayPal cash on some PC needs. For whatever reason, I never really thought about buying anything from this site until I found one card I've been looking for:

This is the 2012 Heritage Minors Real One Auto Black Border of Luke Jackson. I had been looking for this card for a couple months and finally found it on sports lots. I looked at some of the other cards this seller had, and ended up buying roughly 20 Rusty Greer cards from him as well, all at .18 cents a piece. Can't beat that. Here are a few of them:

This is one of Greer's first "pro" cards, hailing from a Charlotte Rangers team set. Dude looks like he needs to be driving an ice cream truck. Creepy!

The scan didn't come out great, but this is a beautiful card from Flair. I', a big fan of their work. Too bad they didn't make it!

However, this is my favorite Greer card of the bunch, hailing from the 1995 Leaf Limited set. The red and white stripes and the blue bar at the top make me feel all warm and fuzzy and patriotic inside. The "Texas Rangers" script is reminiscent of the Constitution, too.

AMERICA, F*ck Yeah!

Lastly, I am making some changes to my team set project. Nothing major - I'm just re-doing the link locations in my Photobucket account so that things are more organized and into albums rather than just dumped into the "Upload" library. I have everything fixed through the 1979 set, so give me the rest of the week before looking at what I have if you want to work out a trade!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!!!

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