Thursday, June 18, 2015

Topps Gets It Right....Then Fails Miserably

With the street date of Topps Series 2 finally arriving, I bought my obligatory jumbo box. It was pretty sweet. 

Right off the bat, I noticed a photo variation:

Not a bad player, either! Carlos Gonzalez looking all suave in his shades...

Next, I noticed a pack that was thicker than all others. What was inside?

The framed parallel of Hector Rondon. This guy is numbered to 20. It gave me a slight heart attack when I saw the Cubs logo...dreams of the fat stack of cash I could make if it was a Bryant! But it wasn't meant to be.

Next, I pulled this Braun relic. This is getting silly. I pulled a Braun relic in Series 1, which I happily sent to Tony. I suppose I will do the same with this one.

The auto was next....

An Archie Bradley auto! Not a bad pull, but nothing that fits in my collection.

But the box had one more massive surprise in store for me...

The Ted Williams birth year stamp and penny! I know there are 50 copies each for the penny, nickel and dime, along with even fewer of the quarter, but I was shocked that I pulled something like this.

Such an awesome card.

Buuuuuuuut Topps then decided to suck again. I pulled more than twenty horizontally cut cards that looked very similar to this:

Do you see it?

They are horribly mis-cut. How the hell does this happen?

I decided to give them a pass for the time being, and I bought a hobby box. What did it have in store, you ask?


In the first pack, I got a buyback of a player I've actually heard of.

I pulled another photo variation, this time of Albert Pujols. Not a bad pull.

Then I pulled a Scherzer relic. Hooray for plain white swatches!!!

The parallel offered up in this box was a Drew Storen snow camo card. Okay, that isn't terrible.

But, once again, Topps shat the bed.

Over inking on about 20 cards. These three show just how bad it was.

I don't know if you can see it in this scan, but another 20 cards looked like they had been thrown on the floor and walked on for a couple weeks.

I understand that Topps has an exclusive license with MLB. It's my decision not to collect cards that don't have a logo. So that's on me. But it just seems like Topps doesn't give two shits about quality control (and thus, their customers) this year. This is ridiculous!

Eff you, Topps. Eff you with a thorny stick.


  1. That's just plain embarrassing for Topps, especially considering the money those jumbo boxes go for. You'd think they'd have things under control.

  2. Nice pulls, but WOW on the miscuts and over-inking. It's 2015! How does something like that happen, and then make it out the door to the consumer like that?

    On the other hand, I bet JediJeff over at 2x3 heroes would love those miscuts.


  4. I imagine this is a product-wide issue, which Topps will catch major flack for especially so shortly after the Tribute fiasco. But that jumbo box...HOLY S#!T you killed it! Aren't the framed cards and stamp/coin cards one per case? And you got both in the same box?! Awesome!!

  5. Those two photo variations and the Williams easily make up for a handful of miscuts and over-inks. I think you did okay. You can always take those miscuts and ship them to JediJeff who will give it a loving home... then package those over-inks as some rare "error" cards on eBay and maybe a huge bidding war will ensue.

  6. Is the Pujols for trade by chance?