Thursday, June 11, 2015

Well, I Bought Something New...

I've been a poor college student again for about six months now. Not a fan. it sucks. 

But something amazing happened: my funding got a boost for the summer class I am teaching.

Naturally, I had to celebrate. And how better to do that than to buy cardboard, right? So I went browsing. And though I got a bit more money, I vowed not to spend more than $50.

Originally, the plan was to buy a Trout rookie from 2011 Update. That didn't happen; they are all above my $50 spending limit. However, i did find another auction that wasn't receiving a ton of attention. I waited until the final moments, but in my max bid, and snagged this for $45:

Jose Abreau's 2014 Bowman Prospect 1st Bowman auto. I wasn't paying attention and almost picked up his rookie auto from Bowman Chrome (this is from the first 2014 Bowman iteration). That would have sucked. But I caught myself and was able to get this one.

I've been on a slab kick here lately. So easy to organize. I got a couple back earlier this week that I submitted through my new LCS, but I'l show those later. Anyway, this one is only a PSA 9...I really wish they would do the half-point system that Beckett uses, but such is life. 

So there it is, my newest purchase. I'm still not really sure how I feel about it, but that's pretty normal for me after I buy something.


  1. Nice pick up. I just wish Abreu would start hitting like it's 2014 again, because he's the main offensive cog on my fantasy team!

  2. I've seen more of this card than any other in the hobby over the last year.

    ...and for good reason! What a beauty.