Sunday, June 28, 2015

Venture Back in Time for 1993 Stadium Club

So, after grabbing two backs of '15 Stadium at my LCS (which, Sooz made me aware that perhaps I was over-paying), I decided to grab a few boxes of junk wax. I decided this for two reasons: first, I need some more trade bait, and second, I got three boxes for about $5.

Here's what I snagged (along with a ball cube for a new autograph I got that I haven't posted yet):

'93 Stadium Club, '90 - '91 Fleer and the '86 Topps Traded set. I decided to open the Stadium Club first when I got home to continue my Stadium Club-themed posts. 

Let's take a look.

Once again, great photography. The Azocar card makes me laugh every time I see it. Also a really cool card of Scioscia. Even though I hate him (for his current's nothing personal, I promise).

Also got the membership card....

And I won a master photo!!! I am tempted to fill it out and send it in to Topps....I have doubts that they would honor it, though! hehe

Lastly, I pulled at least one copy of the ten Member's Choice cards in the set. These two are probably my favorite.

Opening that box was a lot of fun. I'm pretty excited to tear into the Fleer in the coming days.

If you saw anything you like, or if you are working on the set and need some cards, let me know! I have everything listed in my trade bait page and I am happy to help you!

Good day, friends!


  1. Definitely interested in that Glavine absolutely and the Gonzo too, and I need a handful of the 1991 Fleer.

    1. Hey John, I don't have your email. Shoot me a note at judsonmeeks AT gmail DOT com. Let me know what you need from Fleer and I'll set aside what I pull for you. Thank you sir!!!

  2. Three boxes for $5? That's worth it for the Fleer Stickers alone. Nice purchase.

  3. 93 SC just may have the best photography of all time (with this year's effort, apparently)...$5, now that's a great deal (and yeah, I seem to understand that you find 2015 SC for about $80 in stores, $70 online)

  4. Great deal on some great boxes! I have probably opened more 1991 Fleer than any other cards ever, but I actually really like it. They are just clean looking, if that make sense.