Monday, June 29, 2015

Let's Talk Mobile

So, I have been thinking a lot lately about how to take my collection with me. I'm not talking literally picking it up and moving it around with me. Rather, how can I keep tabs on what I do and don't have when the time arises?

For instance, I am going to be taking a trip soon (place is TBD). Let's say I'm in some city and find a shop, walk in and the person running the store has a ton of boxes of base for a dime a piece. I know that I need some of these, but I don't have my physical paper needs lists and trying to pull up my blog is a pain in the butt. What am I to do?

I've tried nearly every app out there to help me out because this has actually happened to me (more than I would like to admit). None of them seem to be worth a damn. They all have one or two things that are really awesome, but everything else is a disaster.

Have you found an app that satisfies you and your collecting needs?

If not, what are you looking for in an app? Clearly, the ability to create lists is a major priority. Would you rather input the lists yourself or have a global checklist function? If an app offered the global checklist version, would you be willing to pay a small feel (like 50 cents) to download it, or would it have to be completely free for you to use it?

What else would you want? Pictures of the cards? Lists of cards owned by other users looking to trade them?

Would you be fine with a standalone app or an app that was supported by a web-based site that allows you to upload information (pics, lists,etc.) and then link to your app account?

I ask this because I might try to build an app like this, if for nothing else, for myself to use. I feel like the apps that are out there already have yet to ask the collecting community what they want in an app. So help me out - give me some feedback and let's see where it goes.

I appreciate your help!


  1. Becket list per player for me would be very very useful, including pictures, including ticking the box if i own them or not, ticking the box if i need them, ability to email the list, preferably to message other users etc...not too demanding right :-))

  2. I'm not sure about their mobile site (I never use mobile sites because I don't have a cell phone), but I keep track of my collection on Trading Card Database. I know its not for everyone, and the prices listed for cards are sometimes crazy, but the lists are almost unbeatable. Its easy to keep track of what cards you have and with improvements have made it easier to see what you don't have and easier to add to your lists. I don't use many of the other features, but many people even make trades on there and you can see who else has cards you need and are willing to trade.

  3. I use Zistle. The up-front investment in inputting your cards takes some time, but after that, it's handy to have a full electronic list for your wants.

  4. I have all of my player collections and set needs inputted into Goggle Docs. It took some time to accomplish, but I've really enjoyed being able to pull up my needs & wants on my phone at any time.

  5. I wasn't able to keep up w/Zistle, too time consuming. I've just used Google Drive to show lists of what I have. I'm also not much of a set builder, so I having an extensive database of checklists isn't a real big deal for me.

  6. My want lists end up on my blog and I used that interface to check which cards I need and don't need -- whether by player collection or by set need.

    Some folks use Evernote, a free app that allows you to create checklists within it, as an alternative to putting all of your information into a webpage for all (or just you) to see.

    1. And, to be fair, I've never found pulling up my blog was that much of a problem when I'm at a card show looking at cards.

  7. Since we are talking fantasy here, I'd like an app that lets me take a picture with my phone and load it to my list. I can type in the number for serial numbered cards, but I'd love for it to recognize the set brand year etc.

  8. I use my website. It keeps track of my basic set needs and has photos of the key cards in my PC. Unfortunately... it doesn't manage every single A's, Padres, Seahawks, Packers, Sharks, etc card that I need. There'd be way too many to list.