Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2013 Topps Triple Threads 9-Box Case Break: Let's Try It

Well, there is a bit of interest in a 9-box case break for Topps Triple Threads.  So, I am going to go ahead and post a sign-up page. Like I said, it is going to be approximately $60 per team, and all team spots must be sold. EDIT: Team costs will most likely have to be adjusted, as some teams have far more than others in this set. This presents a problem in that teams like the Astros and Twins may not have suitors. If anyone has any idea on how to sell those, let me know.

If you do sign up, help me out by posting a link to the sign-up on your page or creating a widget to send people back to the page!

If you are interested in a team, comment below to let me know which team you would like. Do not pay now! I don't want to take payments until all team slots are sold!

Also, you can keep track of how the sign-up is progressing by checking out the Sign-Up widget on the right-hand side of your screen. -------------->

PLEASE NOTE: there is some "risk" in this break, as you are not guaranteed a hit or a card! If you do not get a card or cards in the break, I will do my best to get you something, but I can't make any promises. If this scares you away, I certainly understand - but I want to be completely clear with this point.

Available Teams:
1. DBacks
2. Braves - Dutch
3. O's - William
4. Red Sox - Judson
5.Cubs - Matt P.
6. White Sox
7. Reds
8. Indians
9. Rockies
10. Tigers - Roger L.
11. Astros
12. Royals
13. Angels
14. Dodgers - Nate
15. Marlins
16. Brewers
17. Twins - Kyle
18. Mets
19. Yankees - Matt P.
20. A's
21. Phillies
22. Pirates
23. Padres
24. Giants
25. Mariners
26. Cardinals
27. Rays
28. Rangers - Brian
29. Blue Jays - Chris R.
30. Nats - Judson


  1. Put me down for the Blue Jays.

  2. Here is a link to a checklist of the number of potential hits/team across the print run. It doesn't account for player quality, but it might help with the adjustments. The Reds have the most with 11,099 hits, while the Twins have the least at 1,016. Of course these ratios won't hold exactly true in a smaller break, but it's something to go off of.


    It also has links to team checklists so you can see what is available for each team in the set.

  3. I want to do it but only 10 and don't have the money im dissapointed

  4. I think you can throw my hat in for the Mets. I am a sucker for these cards.

    How do you plan on handling multi-player multi team cards?