Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm Pretty Sure I Already Know The Answer....

...But would anyone be interested in a Tripple Threads 9-box case break? After cost of the case and shipping, it would be $60 per team AND I would have to sell all 30 teams to do.  If I could 25 get commitments, I might be able to make it happen.

I'm pretty sure that these bumps make this break impossible, but I thought I would throw it out there. I've been watching some breaks and they are freakin awesome. Even the base cards are beautiful.

Let me know!


  1. I'd join in, but as someone who has done some ambitious group breaks in the past, filling all 30 teams will be very difficult.

    1. If I knew far enough in advance that I could set the funds aside, I'd probably be good for two slots: Cubs & Yankees.

  2. I would probably sign up for a team, but I would imagine there are some teams (Astros come to mind) that will be a hard sell at the full price, while others like the Red Sox, Yankees, and Dodgers usually tend to dominate the checklist, and, by extension, the box breaks.