Friday, October 25, 2013

Update: Mail Going Out and PC Additions

First and foremost, the cards that I promised last week are going out today! Hopefully you will receive the cards by the beginning of next week, so keep a look out!

Secondly, I have a couple more additions to the growing Nelson Cruz PC. These will certainly be on the "higher" end of the collection, and they are pretty awesome in my book.

This is probably my favorite addition so far. In case you are counting, that's a five-color swatch in the upper left corner, and the card is numbered 4 of 25. I pad $12.75 for the card, including shipping. An absolute steal.

Next up is an addition from the Tier 1 line. This is the rose auto, number 2 of 25. The rose-colored ink makes for a nice signature. 

If you look close enough, there is a slight smudge where Cruz must have touched the card while the ink was still wet. You can make out a bit of his finger print.

The other thing I like about the card is the image. After the claw and antlers, it was the cobra. Here you can see Cruz in the motion to make the cobra.  Pretty sweet. 

I have a few more additions to show off, but they will have to wait. Also, my Cuz PC page will be coming soon!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Rose colored ink on a black background... that does look nice!