Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Biggest Mailday I Have Ever Had

I'm begging you to sign up for my 2013 Bowman Chrome Break!!!  Please!!!


I went to the mailbox today with no idea that I would receive anything (I had forgotten about a few things, as you will see). When I opened it up, the very first thing I saw was...well, Kate Upton on the cover of SI with BJ and Justin Upton. But after I pulled that out, I found a truckload of bubble mailers and a couple of sweet PWE's. So, without further ado, let's dive into it all.

First, Marcus from all the way to the backstop sent me over some of the missing pieces to my 2013 Allen & Ginter set. A couple weeks ago, I sent him a few cards that I thought he would enjoy, and this was his way of repaying me. Very much appreciated Marcus!

Next up, I took part in the 2013 Topps Chrome Box Break that Ryan, the man behind "O" No! Another Orioles Blog, hosted last week. It was probably the best break I've participated in to date, in terms of the cards I got. After seeing the sell sheet, I decided that I wanted to take the Nats - the inserts featuring Harper were pretty slick! So, when the dust settled from the break, here was what I took home:

TWO of the awesome Harper inserts - the Close Connection and the '72 Refractor - SWEET! I also got the entire Nats team set (I believe). Awesome break!  Thanks again Ryan!

Speaking of Harper, I also had an eBay score to add to my PC:

2013 Topps Bryce Harper Blue Sparkle. It's beautiful. I really like the blue sparkle, and I am very happy to add this to the collection.

But this wasn't the only card I purchased for a PC. I also snagged a couple AJ Pierzynski cards for my still unofficial AJP PC.

Both from 2013 Topps Chrome, the top card is the Sepia refractor, numbered 56/75. The bottom is the standard XFractor. The seller of the XFractor was kind enough to through in this Orange Refractor of Dutch, too. Very much appreciated.

I also made a trip to COMC to gather a few pieces for a couple sets. I nabbed a few base cards for my 2013 A&G set, as well as some inserts. All that I need to complete the base set is the Yasiel Puig Rookie Card. Jeroen, a.k.a. The Dutch Card Guy, has already stepped up and told me that he will be sending it my way. You're pretty awesome Jeroen!!!

Also in that COMC package were two base cards for my 2013 Bowman Platinum set. Nothing special there.

Last, but certainly not least, was an addition for my 2013 Heritage Managers Project. Perhaps one of my favorite managers, Davey Johnson just completed his final season not only for the Nationals, but for his career. His walks away with a managerial record of 1372-1071, leading the '86 Mets to the World Series title. I'm sad to see him go, and truly honored to have his signed card in my collection.

Well, that's it. Sorry for the overload of pictures and information, but I just had to share!

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