Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another TTM Success! And A Question For You...

For the second consecutive day, I had a self-addressed stamped envelope waiting for me in my mailbox. This time it was Nathan Eovaldi signing for me, and he even made it out to me.  Pretty awesome stuff.

2013 Gypsy Queen #55 - Nathan Eovaldi (TTM Auto)
I sent the card out on May 30, so it took just a bit more than 2 months to receive it back.

Lastly, I have been waiting on a couple redemption autos from Topps for what seems like forever. Occasionally, I will see that some of you have requested Topps send you a different autograph rather than waiting any longer.  How might I go about that?  Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. Hey man shoot me an e-mail: nsbell440@gmail.com

    I've got a bunch of Bowman Platinums for you.

  2. I am not sure on the process, but I read somewhere that a collector experimented by going onto eBay and looking up the cheapest autographs from that product. Then he consented to let Topps replace his redemptions with the players of their choice, and sure enough, the cards featured those least desirable players. I read it on the internet, so it has to be true.

  3. Well...let me tell you what topps pulls on you. Let's just say I've had to get the Better Business Bureau involved and it's still is not fixed yet.

  4. So that's all pretty lame...I'm waiting on a Gio Gonzalez blue parallel auto from this year's Tribute and a Barrett Barnes base auto from Bowman Inception (which confuses me because he already has base autos out in the general public). I'm just tired of waiting.