Monday, August 26, 2013

So, I Had A Brilliant Idea Today

So, after suffering through the longest day I've ever had (I was pretty sick), for whatever reason, my mind went to football - fantasy football, that is.

I had a draft yesterday in a league that I tend to dominate during the regular season, but then lose Week 1 of the playoffs. I don't know most of the people of the league and it gets fairly boring. 

Which made me think: I want to start a blog writers league! I feel like I know most of the bloggers I follow better than the people in the league I'm in now. 

I'm thinking an ESPN 8-team league. Basic/standard rules. Free to join, each player commits a card or stack of cards to send to the winner at the end of the season. 

So what say you? Who's in? First seven two to reply get a spot!!! 


UPDATE: There are two open spots remaining.  Here's who's in so far:
- Me
- Superduperman99
- Jose Velazquez
- Chris
- The Junior Junkie
- Rosenort


  1. I'll join. You'll need to send me a link though. Thanks!

    1. Awesome! As soon as I get seven I'll set it up and let you know the details.

  2. Replies
    1. Cool. Still waiting for a few more to join, then I'll post details.

    2. Jose, what's your email address? I need to send you the ff league invite. Thanks!

  3. Replies
    1. Awesome. Only need a few more and then I will put the league together.