Thursday, August 15, 2013

We Interrupt This Program...MAIL DAY!

Today was a helluva day for mail.  In all, I have seven cards to add to some of my personal collections. First up, my trade with Andrew of Andrew's Baseball Cards.

Andrew and I talked a while back about a specific card in particular.  We were finally able to work something out. Along with about 50 2013 Bowman he needed, I also sent a couple Cardinal prospect autos from this year's Bowman Inception line.  In return, I received (as a surprise) some assorted Rangers, including two Yu Darvish cards.

2013 Topps Cut to the Chase - Yu Darvish
 Surprisingly, this Cut to the Chase card was not a card in my collection.  Consider that problem solved.

2013 Topps Opening Day Stars - Yu Darvish
I didn't go after the Opening Day set.  It jsut seems like Series 1 with a different set logo.  But I am pretty happy to have this card in my collection!

Andrew also included this guy in the trade:

2013 Bowman Blue Sapphire Rookie Reprint
Surprisingly, I didn't have this card in my collection either.  It's a welcome addition.

But here's the card I wanted, and I thought it was the only card I was getting in the trade (which would have been completely worth it):

2012 Topps Chrome Purple Parallel - Bryce Harper RC
Just an awesome card.  There's really nothing more one can say about it that adds to the conversation. Thanks Andrew!  You definitely surprised me with all the extras - I'm looking for something else to send you to balance out this trade a bit!

The other pieces of mail came as goodies from eBay, and all are for my Joey Gallo PC.

2013 Bowman Platinum Purple Parallel - Joey Gallo
Much like the Top Prospects card I bought on eBay a week or two ago, I bought this one and then pulled it in a pack a couple days later. Awesome.

2013 Bowman Top 100 - Joey Gallo
I recently picked up the numbered, die-cut parallel of this card, so it's only natural that I add this one too.

2013 Bowman Cream of the Crop Blue Sparkle - Joey Gallo #'d 2/250
But here's the true treasure of my eBay haul, this Cream of the Crop Blue Sparkle, numbered 2 of 250. What a beauty!!!!

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