Friday, August 23, 2013

TTM Success....Sort Of???

I received some more mail today. However, when I saw that it came in a team envelope, I knew something was up. Proudly displaying the Phillies logo, the envelope had this inside:

That's my Heritage card, unsigned. Disappointment filed my heart. But that isn't all that was in the envelope.

Charlie wishes he had the time to respond individually to every request. Something tells me that he is about to have a lot of free time on his hands. After all, he isn't managing anymore, so what else is he going to spend his time doing? (I don't mean that to be as harsh as it sounds, I promise)

But, this was also in the envelope:

It appears to be a legitimate signature. Okay, Charlie, you have redeemed yourself in my eyes. Of all the "I'm sorry I'm too busy to sign your card" letters and player photos I've received back (i.e. Adrian Beltre and David Ortiz), Manuel's is the first one that is "signed." I can appreciate the man for knowing he's going to get a lot of mail that he can't sign and signing some of these beforehand. Bravo Charlie, I knew there was a reason I've always liked you.

So, I need to figure out a way to get my card signed. If anyone has any kind of special access to him, let me know! Assuming that this isn't a realistic request, I guess I will wait a bit and try again. Either way, this was a success in my book.


  1. Man... how do you track down a manager that is probably going to retire? I hope your manager-auto project hasn't hit a major snag, but this seems like quite a hurdle. Good luck!

    1. It's going to be difficult. The team said when they relieved him of his managerial duties that he would be staying with the team in some capacity. Is it poor taste to send it to him again if he isn't managing???