Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Want Your Information, But the NSA Wouldn't Share

It's a slow blogging day for me.  I have no new mail this week, no new packs busted and overall, nothing new to report.

Which got me to thinking: I want your address!

Not because I'm a creepy stalker and I'm going to show up at your front door, but because I want to send some PWE's on occasion.  I have a few people's addresses already from trades in the past.  In no particular order, I have addresses for the following people:

- Daniel, It's Like Having My Own Card Shop
- Clark, Fantastic Catch
- Chris, Nachos Grande
- Marcus, All The Way To The Backstop
- Ryan, "O" No! Another Orioles Blog
- Tom, Waiting Till Next Year
- William, foul bunt

If you don't see your name above, please do me a huge solid and drop me an email (judsonmeeks at gmail dot com) that includes your name, your blog address, your mailing address and the team you collect.  I'll keep close guard of the info, and it will only be used by me.  Like I said, I find myself occasionally with cards that I would like to send to someone's blog that I read (as a surprise) and I have no way of knowing their address.  This will help me hook you up with free cardboard!!!

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