Thursday, August 29, 2013

eBay Got Me Again

I'm still looking for two teams to join my fantasy football league.  Come on and join. Tom, I'm looking at you!!!

I feel like it has been a while since I posted anything, and work is to blame for that.  This is my desk, as it currently sits, with me about to go on the road for a few days.  Yes, I plan on leaving it like this.  I have no shame.

I keep a few saved searches in my eBay profile in case anything that I am specifically looking for comes up at a good price. This week, I was able to grab a couple things.

I grabbed this guy to mark it off my Top 10 Most Wanted List. It surprises me how pricey these cards are. There is one more Harper Emerald (in the alternate Red jersey) that I need to get, but no promises on when I will get it.  If you have one and would consider trading it, let me know!!!

Lastly, I grabbed this 2013 AJ Pierzynski Blue Sparkle to be the start of my Pierzynski PC.  Having watched him for almost a full season now, it's hard not to love this guy.  So I'm glad to start picking his cardboard up when I can.


  1. I'll join your Fantasy League...

    thoughtsandsox at yahoo dot com

  2. I love the Ron Washington bobblehead on your desk cheering you on! Must be awesome having him there to motivate you all day long!

  3. Nice looking cards! If AJ is on your team you love him, if he's on a rival team he's the most hateable player around.