Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Randomized Teams...Trade Away

I'm back at my hotel and I've had a moment to assign the randomized teams.  We had 12 teams that were selected and paid for, meaning that I had to pay for three more.  I painfully selected the Red Sox as one of my other teams, but I only did that because my nephew is a Red Sox fan and I will give him the cards.  The other teams I selected were the Astros and Royals A's.  I chose them because I didn't think anyone else would want them.

So here's the list of paid-for teams:
Braves Chris M.
Orioles Ryan
Red Sox Judson
Cubs Tom
Tigers Roger
Astros Judson
Twins Judson
Dodgers Guntha17
Mets Douglas
Padres Marcus
Mariners Junior Junkie
Cardinals Madding
Rangers Judson
Blue Jays Chris R
Nats Judson

Next, I went to the ol' faithful and randomized the names of the participants three times, followed by the remaining 15 teams three times.  Here's what she spit out:

Dbacks Chris M.
Pirates Judson
Rays Madding
Indians Ryan
Royals Chris R
Reds Guntha17
Angels Tom
Yankees Jr. Junkie
White Sox Roger
Brewers Judson
Giants Judson
A's Marcus
Marlins Judson
Rockies Douglas
Phillies Judson
Any random team I have I will be happy to trade away.  However, if I pull a Babe Ruth relic, I'm keeping it. So, feel free to trade amongst yourselves via the comments below or direct contact with the other teams owners.  Just let me know if you do trade a team away so that I can mark it down.



  1. Rays are totally up for grabs. I don't really have a second team that I collect, so I'll swap them for anyone.

  2. I'd like to swap Pirates for Reds if you're game.

  3. I would love the Royals in place of the A's. But they are not a randomized team. I would also be willing to trade the A's for the Pirates or Astros. Order of preference:

    1. Pirates
    2. Royals
    3. Astros

  4. You can have to Royals, I'll swap for the A's.

    1. Thank you. Looking forward to the break!

  5. I'll trade you my Marlins for the Yankees, Judson, if you're so inclined....

    1. I can do that. This may be the only time in history that someone willingly takes the Marlins. Hahahahaha

    2. I was thinking the exact same thing! I'm hoping for a Mattingly or maybe a cool Jeter or two. Thanks - that's very generous of you!

  6. Might I trade my Twins for your A's?