Thursday, January 2, 2014

Drunk On Parallels

I've realized that I have a problem: I am a parallel chaser. Few things give me the satisfaction that working on a parallel rainbow does. Whenever I see a good deal on parallel cards? I jump. Case in point:

2013 Topps Update Series Gold Parallel - 296/2013
2013 Topps Update Series Emerald Parallel
2013 Topps Update Series Red Parallel
2013 Topps Update Series Base
I was able to pick up this lot of four Nick Tepesch parallels for a mere .99 cents, with free shipping! Which means that I officially need the Silver Slate, Blue Sapphire, Pink, Black, Camo, Blue Sparkle, and Walmart Blue parallels to finish my rainbow. A printing plate would be nice, but I don't have to have one.

Side note: it's really disappointing when the stats Topps uses don't match one another:

Notice that "Career Chase" says he has zero wins, while the short blurb about him talks about his first career win. Get it together, Topps!

Then a card comes along that is decently priced that I just have to have, and my OCD steps in and tells me to complete the rainbow to have order in it all:

2013 Bowman Chrome red refractor #'d 2/5
I paid just a few cents over $11 for this baby. I love it, but that's probably because a) the red refractor matches the Nats colors, and b) Zimmerman is my favorite pitcher on the Nats staff. But this means that I need every single refractor from 2013 Bowman Chrome for Zimmerman.

I have a serious problem.


  1. I bought some Anthony Rizzo cards off of COMC with the parallel rainbow in mind. Every time I pull a parallel of a Cub, I think "I only need _ many more!" It seems like a lot of us bloggers have what I like to call rainbow fever. Lol

  2. Lucky for you, I pulled the camo parallel of Tepesch the other day out of a hanger box. I was going to surprise you with it in your trade package but I figure I should tell you about it so that you don't go and buy one in the process of us hammering out the trade.