Thursday, January 16, 2014

This Week's Additions, Trades and More!

First and foremost, I sent the Mystery Box that I received from P-Town Tom off last week to Plaschke, They Sweater Is Argyle. He has posted about it already, so I can mention it. I had an excess of Dodger cards, and seeing as he had mentioned to me in the past that he wanted one of them, I sent the lot off to him as my surprise. So keep your eyes out, I'm sure someone else will be getting it soon!
I need one stinkin' card for my 2013 Bowman Platinum set - BPP19 Byron Buxton. If you can get me that card, you will be rewarded!!!
The last couple of weeks have seen a few additions to some of my personal collections. I complained about Topps earlier this week in regards to my 2013 Topps Chrome Anthony Rendon base auto. Yesterday saw the arrival of two more redemption autos for my Rendon PC:

This black refractor numbered 4 of 100, and:

This blue sapphire refractor auto numbered 191 of 199. The scan makes it look green, but I assure you, it is a beautiful card in hand.

I was also able to add a pink and blue refractor to my Bowman Chrome Jordan Zimmerman rainbow. And while we are talking about Zimmermans, I scanned in my 2013 Triple Threads Ryan Zimmerman parallel:

This card makes me nauseous. Let me explain. The Saturday before Christmas, I decided to buy a spot in a 9-box break of Triple Threads, choosing the Nats as my team. I always wait until the last few seconds to place a bid on an auction. I was outbid but still had 5 seconds to make a new bid. My number was $ fingers missed the decimal and I ended up bidding $439. I ended up paying roughly $72 for my winning bid. I was raised to understand that actions have consequences, so rather than attempt to retract my bid, I just ate it and went along for the ride. In 9 boxes, I received this card, a Gio Gonzalez base and two Gary Carter cards (I also got the Expos). Four cards - none of them memorabilia or autographs - for $72. FML.

Let's talk about something that doesn't make me sick. I was able to snag a yellow printing plate 1/1 for under $18 shipped to go in my 2013 Bowman Matt Derosier collection. It took the seller a week and a half to get it to me, but I finally got it today:

I also got some trades in the mail these last couple of weeks. The Metal Attorney, a.k.a. the Red Sox Fan in Nebraska, sent me some awesome cards to fit in my collection, as did Marcus from all the way to the backstop. Unfortunately, as I sometimes do, I collated all of these cards before I scanned and/or photographed them for my blog. I'm sorry guys! But they were all greatly appreciated!!!

Ryan, the author of "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog also sent me the Nick Tepesch camo parallel for my rainbow:

 It's a beauty!
Lastly, I still have SEVEN spots open for my 2014 Gypsy Queen five-box break! You can ge tin for only $0 - that gets you a team of your choosing, a randomly assigned team AND shipping! Each box contains two on-card autos, a full size relic and a mini relic! And we have a 50/50 shot of pulling a case hit since we will be breaking a half-case Go here to see what teams are still available and to sign up!


  1. Woo-Hoo! The mystery box lives!

    I've made the same mistake on eBay auctions. I don't play around with decimals anymore when I'm trying to snipe an auction. Lesson learned, like you, the hard way.

  2. I have that Byron Buxton if you need it. email me at