Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Year In Review

I spent most of yesterday being sick. Not because I drank too much Tuesday night - I didn't drink at all Tuesday night - but because I had food poisoning or a virus or something evil fell upon me. I was able to read a lot of posts about collecting goals and blogging goals and things of the like. So, now that I'm better (that's a relative word - I feel absolutely horrible but I'm at work), I'm going to reflect on 2013 a bit.

Warning: I'm about to talk about feelings.

Outside of getting back into collecting and starting this blog, 2013 was one of the worst years of my life. My grandfather (like a father to me) had a series of strokes that have really taken a toll on him. The once everyday golfer now has trouble walking. I visit him everyday, but it kills me to see him in this condition.

My significant other (the "on again, off again" variety) of more than 10 years and I decided to end things permanently on my birthday. The same weekend, my best friend and college roommate and I had a falling out, and we haven't talked since. Happy birthday!

I went the entire year without a raise at work. Not because I don't deserve it - since our company took on a partner, I have been running our land department as well as our acquisitions department, essentially quadrupling my work load - but because....well, I don't know why.

The list of crappy things goes on.

But, since I started this blog back in April, I have been very active in collecting. I complete my first set in more than two decades (thanks Gypsy Queen). I have been able to go from collecting everything Rangers to being able to semi-focus my collection on a few player collections, miscellaneous yearly sets and Texas Ranger team sets.

I've been able to "meet" a handful of other bloggers who are amazing trade partners and even better people.

And most importantly, I've been able to enjoy a hobby that has taken my mind off of what was overall a terrible year.

So all in all, I guess 2013 didn't win the battle of wills. I did.

Here's to 2014, which is already looking to be a better year!

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  1. Keep your head up, 2014 is bound to better... unless you're a Cubs fan, because then you're just waiting 'til next year...