Monday, December 30, 2013

Moby Dick Ain't Got Nothin On Me!!!

Don't you hate when people alter lines from movies in an attempt to fit their situation? I do, and yet I tried it there. Denzel would probably slap me if he ever saw that.

Anyway, the Moby Dick reference was thrown out there to tie together the post with my newest eBay addition. I caught a whale. A white whale to be exact.

I have one of the four printing plates (a.k.a. white whales) for the 2013 Triple Threads Nellie Cruz "Boomstick" card. Last week I posted about the ruby parallel 1/1 I got of this card, now I have another 1/1 for it.

Believe it or not, I'm not rolling in cash. Someone said it seemed like that might be the case with my last post, but I assure you, I am pretty frugal. haha I browse eBay, look for bargains on cards that end at a weird hour, such as this one. I got ot for $28 shipped, all because it ended at 3 a.m. (ish).

If that doesn't work, I search for cards/auctions that have ended with no buyers, in which case I send a note to the seller and offer a certain amount for the card. Sometimes they take it, sometimes they don't.

Lastly, I look for "Or Best Offer" deals. Sometimes, I may submit a lowball bid, but I back it up with numbers and prices of similar or same cards that sold and the price that was paid for them. Often, the seller will come down quite a bit on his price and either accept my offer or throw out a reasonable counteroffer.

Anyway, I don't know how this got turned into a post about my frugal shopping habits, so I'm going to stop talking about it.

Hey, check out my first white whale above!


  1. Lol... I'm one of those guys that use altered lines from movies in my post titles. Congratulations on this addition to your PC... it's awesome.

  2. pretty freakin awesome. very nice.