Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Collector's Remorse

I've done it - I've finally come to a point here I regret trading something away. In this case, however, it's a lot of somethings.

Recently, I sent a whole bunch of 2013 Heritage away in a trade. While looking through what I had to find what the other person needed, I started to think about how much I like everything about that set. The '64 design is classic in my eyes - very clean, organized and great color. After I sent off the cards, I really started feeling like I want to put that set together.

So there it is. I'm going to attempt to build that set. I'm not certain how set I am on collecting the short prints, but I think the base set is feasible.

Now, if I have sent you any 2013 Heritage, please don't take this post as me saying I want them back or I regret sending them to you. On the contrary, I really enjoy helping others with their set needs. It is probably my favorite part of this blogging process and I was happy to send these cards out to y'all.

That being said, if you have any of the cards I need, I would happily take them off your hands!

This set also makes me want to attempt building the '64 set. That might be put on my long-term collecting goals list. IS anyone out there currently working on this set? If so, how difficult has it been for you?

Thanks again for all that y'all do!


  1. I have a ton of dupes to send your way. I'll see what I can throw together.

  2. I've been working on the '64 set for quite a while now. It's been a fun project, and I've been lucky to find some of the key cards at reasonable prices.

    The Mantle is going to hurt the wallet, but not everything vintage is going to fit into my budget.

    I have a few dupes I can send your way if you're interested...let me know.

  3. I have quite a few heritage singles and could check off most of your base, non SP cards. Maybe let me know what Chavez Ravening can't fill for you and I can help with the rest! Let me know and good luck!