Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Daily List - December 2, 2013

Apologies, I was in the process of uploading the video to YouTube yesterday when I had a family emergency.
  1. After much debate in my head, I've decided to consider my 2013 Allen & Ginter set "complete." I have the base set and all short prints, but I'm not close to finishing the insert sets. I originally planned on getting everything like I did with Gypsy Queen, but Ginter has so many damn inserts and they are ridiculously overpriced on eBay, so to hell with it. Done. I'll leave my "Needs" list up in case anyone wants to send me some cards from the inserts.
  2. In terms of nearly-complete sets, I like 12 cards in completing my 2013 Topps flagship project: four cards from Series 1 (7, 68, 201, 326) and eight cards from Series 2 (339, 377, 378, 393, 482, 508, 530, 591). Help me out!
  3. A few weeks back, a couple people hit me up about potential trades. Please leave me a comment below! I can't seem to find those e-mails to figure out who asked me what - I was right in the middle of a crazy week and getting ready to go out of town for vacation, and I lost your letters! I'm so sorry!
  4. Nate over at Big 44 Sports Cards runs a pretty sweet blog devoted to basketball, baseball and football and also has some product reviews. The only problem I see is that he's a Steelers fan (go Cowboys! It's really hard to say that these days) Go give him a follow! He uses the Google+ thing, (which I am too stupid to figure out) but perhaps we can convince him to add the Blogger Follow button! Bookmark until then if you need to, it's worth your time!
  5. Lastly, I'm sure you remember me going on and on about the Taproot concert last Friday. Well, it was awesome! The lead singer even grabbed my phone while I was recording a song and gave me his point of view...watch the video below (about 2:20 in).


  1. I'm in. I think we may have talked about trading before but never got around to it.

    I collect Griffeys and a few others listed on my blog, thejuniorjunkie.blogspot.com. I take it you're a Rangers guy?

    tjv504 at gmail dot com

  2. Hello there I noticed that you need some 2013 Bowman Draft cards and I have a few on your wantlist. If you want to trade let me know.

    1. Absolutely. What are you in need of? Who do you collect?

    2. Do you happen to have any extras of Clarkin, Carnes or Wade (all Yanks) by any chance?
      I'd also be interested in any Eric Jagielos.

  3. We were talking about a trade. You can email me at chavezravining@hotmail.com, or check out my blog for my wants. I also had Harper and Darvish stuff you might have been interested in.