Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Couple Of Trades With Chavez Ravining

Lately, I've pushed Alex and his blog Chavez Ravining quite a bit here in my Daily List (which I think I am going to change to Daily Notes). He's an awesome dude and fun to trade with.

Well, we've worked out a couple trades lately, and I want to share with you exactly how good of a trading partner here is. Here is the first package.

That's a pretty ridiculous stack of cards. They all either fit into a player collection, a Rangers team set or a current set that I am building, and I needed every one of them. He even sent along some of the Topps Chipz, of which I have none.

Then I contacted Alex about a Chrome Darin Ruf auto he had. I watched Ruf quite a bit while I was at Creighton, so it's pretty cool to have one of his cards. Alex also sent along a few other cards and more Chipz.

Out-f*cking-standing! Sorry for language. Today has just been an AWESOME day for me. But more on that in my next post.

Thanks again, Alex!

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