Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Follow-Up On My PC Grading Desire

I mentioned a couple days ago that I was considering having some of my player collection cards graded so that I could get them slabbed for protection and identification purposes. I initially looked at PSA and Beckett, as those were the two most common names I saw when looking at graded cards.

Earlier today, however, I came across GMA Grading Services. This service operates very similar PSA and Beckett, but with two major differences: a five-day turnaround (rather than a month) and each gard is graded for only $2.

I must say, I got a little excited for that. That would make this endeavor much, much more economical for me.

But then I did just a quick Google search to read some of the feedback. It isn't the greatest, to say the least. To be fair, most of the comments were posted by people who had never used GMA for any grading, but a couple comments were by users. One of the biggest complaints was that cards were over-graded. One user even said that of 40 cards sent in, 33 came back with a "10" Gem Mint grade.

My question for you is multifaceted. First, have you ever heard of GMA before, and if so, was it generally positive or negative? Have you ever used GMA for anything? Is it your opinion that if I were to move forward with some of the grading, that I use PSA or Beckett?

Nothing against the opinions that I read, but I value the opinions of those I know (you all) over those I don't. So thanks in advance for your thoughts!

EDITOR'S UPDATE - I've also come across SGC Grading...any thoughts on this company?


  1. Never heard of GMA. I have heard of SGC, but I don't know enough about grading to help. Are you going to try to keep all the cards graded by the same company?

    1. I would like to, only because each company has their own unique slab/casing. Makes it easier for storage...and I'm OCD like that.

  2. I've heard of GMA they are one of the lower end grading companies that has managed to stick around when PSA and Beckett pretty much at up all the market share. I will say this if your looking to grade for possible resale later I would stick with PSA, Beckett or SGC. PSA and Beckett use a 10 point scale with half points, example 9.5 or 10. SGC uses a 100 point scale, but has started to include a 10 point reference on their slabs. I really like the SGC slab holders they put a black insert around the card with corner cutout protectors, it looks pretty cool. I have cards graded from just about every company, even a few no longer in existance. But it sounds like you're more interested in the uniform look of having your collection slabbed and the actual grade is probably secondary. At $2 a piece to slab your cards that's probably going to be the cheapest option anywhere.
    Over all I would have to say PSA is probably the most trusted grading company with Beckett and SGC a tie for second and each company has it's issues. But I do like the PSA registry website it's pretty cool. And some of those PSA heads are really serious arout their registry sets.

    I guessing you get what you pay for though in terms of grading. GMA also says they guarantee a 5 day turn around. Seems like cards probably get looked at quick and graded quick. But I did see that they have a bulk special and 100 or more cards are only $1.75 each?

    Sorry I don't know if my rambling helped any.

    1. It helps quite a bit. Grading for resale isn't terribly important - I don't intend on selling any of my collection any time soon. I would like an accurate - and dependable - grade for my own purposes.

      Thanks for your input!

  3. As far as 'trusting' grading, I've used both BGS and PSA. I used PSA for my 1952 Topps cards for uniformity. They look good. For my Ryan Howard rainbow I decided to go with BGS and I like the thickness of their cases. I only have two SGC cards (both vintage) but I do like how they look. See if BGS or PSA has specials on grading around this time of year for a bulk submission. GMA is probably the cheapest but if you do ever decide to sell it basically renders the card as raw, no collector would trust the grade. If you want to see any pics of the cards I mentioned let me know