Monday, December 30, 2013

Some Catching Up To Do

I posted last week about a couple eBay pickups I had for my player collections. I ended that post with "I'll post about my Christmas tomorrow." Well, I didn't. The fact is that I was supposed to be off all of last week and ended up working three days. So, beginning Thursday night, I just stayed at home and relaxed.

So here I am, finally getting around to posting about Christmas. After I graduated high school, the gift-giving part of Christmas in my family disappeared. That was fine by me - I've always enjoyed the being with family part of Christmas more than the gift giving part. However, this year, my mom decided that she wanted to give gifts, so when pressed about what I wanted, all I could think about was baseball cards.

So that what I got.

She surprised me. I was thinking a couple blasters from Walmart. Instead, I got hobby boxes of 2013 Heritage, Heritage Minor League, Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects and a jumbo hobby box of Bowman Chrome.

Awesome Christmas gifts. I feel bad because I didn't get her nearly enough in return.

Anyway, let's get on to the highlights of the boxes.

Right on top was the box loader of the 1964 Ken Johnson card. Awesome that it's a true '64, awesome that it's from a player from the Colt .45's. Not awesome that Topps ruined it by stamping it in gold foil celebrating their 50th anniversary.

After opening everything, I found a total of eight short print cards. I'm putting together the set, but I highly doubt that I am going to go after the short prints. Gypsy Queen and A&G killed me on short prints. I just don't have it in me. So if you need any, let me know soon. I'm considering throwing these all on eBay as a lot and seeing what I can get for them.

My one guaranteed hit came int he form of a Mike Moustakas relic. Gee, thanks Topps. If you want it, it's yours. Let me know.

I pulled one Venezuelan back card of one MLB's biggest stars, Steve Cishek. I'll only trade this for a 50's Mantle. 

I'm kidding, of course. Definitely will move it for next to nothing.

I also pulled this Heritage Chrome Chase Headley. It's numbered, but I don't remember the numbers. Anyway, I know there are a couple Padres guys that read, so this is going to one of them, free of charge. Whoever comments first gets it.

Lastly, there were a couple "exciting" cards in the box. When opening packs, I found two that had  asingle card reversed in the pack. Since I opened very little Heritage earlier, I had no idea what this meant. Come to find out, these were photo variations:

Pretty sweet. I have no need for them, however. The Jeter already sold on eBay for $15. The Hamilton can be yours though, just make me a trade offer.

Keeping with the Heritage theme, let's look at the Heritage Minor League Box. I got a few good cards in the box.

In the first pack was a Venezuelan back for Rock Shoulders, the guy with the best name in all of professional sports. 

I also pulled a black parallel of Keury de la Cruz. It's numbered, but once again, I don't know the numbering.

Once again, the box gave me a numbered card, this one being a relic numbered to 50 of Twins prospect Alex Meyer.

Lastly, the two promised autographs come from Cardinals (gross) prospects. Never heard of either one.

The relic and the autographs I have already put on eBay. The relic has a bid, so it will be sold. However, if the autos don't sell, they will be up for trade.

I'm going to make another post with the remaining boxes of Chrome because I don't think that anyone wants to read a post as long as the Bible.


  1. Ooh, I'll happily call dibs on the Headley giveaway!

  2. Wow, I call dibs on the Cardinals if they don't sell. I've got the Joey Gallo gold I bet you would like in return. Let me know if you would be interested. My email is Thanks!

  3. Venezuelan ROCK SHOULDERS! Holy cow! Nice pull!

  4. Judson,if you want to trade the Castro SP and the Shoulders cards, I have a Yu Darvish SP from the 2012 update series that I'd be more than happy to send your way. I'm sure I have some 2013 Heritage cards you need and random Rangers parallels that I could send too. My email is if you want to talk a trade.