Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Even When Topps Succeeds, They Fail

So, this post was going to begin with a rant about how I waited more than a month to receive one of my Rendon redemptions. Then I opened the package to find this:

Really, Topps? You're going to be one of those people who use regular office tape to securely close the top loader? I realize this is trivial, but when you hear how long it took for me to receive this card, you'll understand that this was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

This is the card at the top of the list. It shipped out on December 4th, or so it says. In reality, it shipped December 5. No big deal - I get it. But the journey gets interesting here.

The package finally gets to Fort Worth, at which point it is returned to sender because it must receive adult signature. My post office will not do this, evidently.

So the card makes the trip back to Pennsylvania, getting there on the 20th. I call and complain with Topps. The woman tells me that the card shouldn't have been shipped that way. She apologizes. Not her fault, obviously, but I'm still pissed because I had to wait, on hold, for 43 minutes before I talked to anyone. Finally, she tells me that they will send the card again. I change my address to my office address so that someone can sign for it. It just got here today...THREE WEEKS LATER. This card shipped exactly one month and ten days ago...and I just freaking got it.

So seeing the tape on the top loader was my last straw for the day. Topps, I'm so over you. I wish MLB would pull their heads out of their asses so that other companies such as Panini could give Topps quality competition. Then maybe we, as customers, wouldn't get treated like crap.

As for the other cards that are shown on the shipped page, their ship dates are incorrect. They were just shipped on January 7th. How in the hell they got that wrong on my redemption page is beyond me.

Anyway, enough complaining. Here's the picture of the card sans tap, top loader and penny sleeve!


  1. Sometimes I wish I would pull a redemption card... but then I read stories like this and realize that I should be thankful that I never have.

  2. On a completely different note I used to work at the Lewisberry Hub back when it was RPS. Can't really say one bad thing about the place as it was very organized and well maintained. Now as far as bad things go about Topps......well.....I think we all know that story!